How to Create Your Dream Prewedding Photos using DreamPreweddingAI

Published on ,
by Mgs. M. Rizqi Fadhlurrahman

Your prewedding photos are more than just images; they are timeless memories that encapsulate the unique essence of your love story. With the advent of technology, creating these cherished moments has become more accessible and cost-effective. DreamPreweddingAI enables you to bring your dream prewedding photos to life without the need for extensive travel, expensive attire, or professional photographers. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the seamless process of using DreamPreweddingAI to craft stunning visuals that beautifully narrate your love tale.

1. Upload your photos

Upload your photos

Share your cherished memories with us by uploading your photos, and let the magic begin.

Gather a selection of 12-26 meaningful photos featuring you and your partner. Sign in to your DreamPreweddingAI account and effortlessly upload the chosen images to initiate the AI process.

For best possible result:

  1. Upload 26 pictures in a 1:1 aspect ratio, including 6 full-body, 10 medium shots, and 10 close-ups.
  2. Vary poses, backgrounds, and lighting for each picture to introduce new information.
  3. Avoid using pictures taken at the same time or day to prevent overemphasis on specific details.
  4. Select different backgrounds and refrain from mixing images with other people.
  5. Select different backgrounds and refrain from mixing images with other people.
  6. Exclude funny or exaggerated facial expressions in the uploaded photos.
  7. Avoid uploading pictures of individuals you do not have ownership or permission to use.

2. Customize the theme

Customize the theme

Our AI algorithms get to work, generating each photo based on your uploaded photo. Flawless skin, vibrant colors, and breathtaking backgrounds await.

Select a theme that resonates with your love story, pick the attire color and style, and include a personalized prompt to guide DreamPreweddingAI's creative process. Consider specifying details like facial expressions, poses, additional properties, attire intricacies, and white balance adjustments to ensure the final images perfectly align with your vision.

3. Download your AI-generated prewedding photos

Customize the theme

Get ready to receive your stunning AI-crafted prewedding photos, ready for you to download and cherish.

Get your AI-generated prewedding photos with a simple download, effortlessly bringing to life the beautiful moments captured through the innovative lens of DreamPreweddingAI.


DreamPreweddingAI revolutionizes the way couples approach prewedding photography, making it accessible to everyone. By combining the magic of love with the power of artificial intelligence, you can create a visual masterpiece that captures the unique beauty of your relationship. Embrace the convenience, creativity, and affordability that DreamPreweddingAI offers, and embark on a journey to craft your dream prewedding photos that will last a lifetime.

Ready to create your dream prewedding photos? Start dreaming now!